Response, Recovery and Resilience for the Persian Community During COVID-19

This project is an initiative born out of the desire to create free and accessible podcasts in Persian. Through developing audio material for the Persian community, this project focuses on making COVID-19 content accessible to isolated members of the community including the elderly, people with a disability, new arrivals or those living in a remote area.

Our podcast in Persian will include:

global and local updates on COVID-19;

information on local services, testing sites and how to access immediate relief and support if necessary;

strategies to maintain physical and mental wellbeing during the pandemic and conversations with experts on the topic to expand our audience and engagement;

inspirational stories from diverse members of the community who have used the challenge of the pandemic as an opportunity for growth.

Our podcast will be easily accessible through the Ability Beyond Boundaries website, social media channels as well as through popular podcast platforms such as Google, Spotify and Apple.

This Podcast: “The latest news about COVID-19”

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