Our Projects

Our Projects


Response, Recovery and Resilience for the Persian Community During COVID-19

This project is an initiative born out of the desire to create free and accessible podcasts in Persian. Through developing audio material for the Persian community, this project focuses on making COVID-19 content accessible to isolated members of the community including the elderly, people with a disability, new arrivals or those living in a remote area.


This Podcast: "The latest news about COVID-19"


Radio Farasoo Podcasts

This Podcast: Efficient comminication with people with Physical disability



Fortnightly Social Gathering

Ability Beyond Boundaries warmly invites those with disability, their family and carers to attend our fortnightly community social gathering. Join us for friendly conversation, music, dancing, refreshments, and peer-to-peer information sharing.


Together We Face our Challenges and Conquer Them

Enabling Narratives

Enabling Narratives: a group of people with a disability living in the Cumberland area who are able to express themselves through creative writing and using their story to collectively publish a book. This group is specifically for people who are 18 years of age or over.

This project provides free and accessible online creative/expressive Writing workshops for residents of the Cumberland area, who live with a disability.

It provides a range of tools which enables the participants to express themselves in a positive way and build on their capacity, skills and confidence in a safe and supportive environment. The project gives opportunities to break down barriers of social isolation, as well as bringing people together to sustain meaningful relationships.

The end goal is that the stories by the participants will be collected to publish a book.

The weekly workshops are accessible to people who speak English or Persian (mainly Iranian and Afghani people). These workshops will be run in different days or times in order to  accommodate those who speak English as well as those who speak Persian.

Ability Beyond Boundaries is NDIS Provider

NDIS Flyer

Ability Beyond Boundaries is NDIS provider, providing “Innovative Community Participation” in the following areas:

  • Story writing
  • Writing memoirs and autobiography
  • Writing for Children
  • Visual arts
  • Calligraphy
  • Drama
  • Self-growth
  • Outings and picnic (transport provided)
  • Cultural events
  • Surprise shows
  • Pottery
  • Gardening

*You can access our services online.


Disability Art Exhibition

Featured Art Gallery

You are invited to share your photos, videos, stories, poetry, illustrations, caricatures and cartoons about disability with us. These can include your own experiences or about someone with disability you know by obtaining their prior consent. For sending your material, please see the link below:

Contact Us

If you would like your sent material will be published with your name.

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Privacy and Policy

Our Videos:

Unspoken Words about Disability


Happy International Day of People With Disability


Live, Love, Laugh


SBS News Interview with Dr Zhila Hasanloo

Video link:

News link:

SBS Persian Interview with Dr Zhila Hasanloo





Two person shaking hands
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Volunteering and potential job opportunities


Ability Beyond Boundaries seeks volunteers to collaborate with us specifically, people with disability are encouraged to join us and help us to enrich our resources with their unique strengths and skills.

If any job opportunity arises, in appreciation of their contribution, our volunteers will be considered first.

You can find more information through the link below:

Sharing your experiences with us

You are invited to share your knowledge and experiences about disability with us. These can include photos, a short video, stories, articles and PowerPoint presentations.

For sending your material, please see the link below:

Contact Us

If you prefer your sent experiences can be published with your name.

Please see the link below for more information:

Privacy and Policy