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ABB’s COVID-19 Safety Plan


ABB’s COVID-19 Safety Plan


During the Covid-19 pandemic, those staff, volunteers and visitors who are unwell are excluded to attend at work in person. If any worker or volunteer or visitors are unwell, they are not allowed to enter the ABB’s work premises.

We hold a monthly meeting with our regular workers and volunteers to discuss the updated information and if required, we provide training on the Covid-19 including how to get tested, maintaining social distance and wearing masks.


Whether someone has a relevant suggestion, they can subscribe and write their comments. Our social media is public, but the posts are checked constantly. The venue entry is only permitted with prior bookings, conditioned to have no symptoms of cold, fever and Covid.

ABB Uses telephone or video platforms for essential staff meetings where practical. We often utilise Zoom, Email and phone for our meetings.

ABB Adopts good hand hygiene practices. Upon entry sanitiser is available and is mandatory to apply. There are some bottles of sanitisers around the premise making it easy to put on. Information is provided upon entry.

ABB Keeps a record of the name, contact number and entry time for all staff, volunteers, visitors and contractors for a period of at least 28 days. Contact details are collected for each person using a QR Code.