Ability Beyond Boundaries

فراسوی معلولیت


Ability Beyond Boundaries acknowledges and is proud of the financial and moral support of the institutions listed below:

  • Multicultural NSW for providing support via the following grants: Covid 19-Multicultural NSW Grant (2020), Media (2020) and Covid Response (2021), Multicultural-Empowering Communities (2021).
  • Department of Social Services for supporting us through Volunteer Grants (2021).
  • Cumberland City Council for supporting us through ClubGRANTS (2020).

Through your donations, we will be working towards our future projects. These projects will provide critical information about the topics below:

  1. Women and children with disability
  2. Mental illness
  3. Challenges facing those with multiple disabilities
  4. People with disability who live in remote areas
  5. Accessibility to physical environment
  6. Accessible technology
  7. Accessible transport
  8. Accessible communication
  9. Domestic violence and abuse against people with disability
  10. Natural disasters and people with disability
  11. Disability and meaningful employment

Account Holder:

  • Ability Beyond Boundaries.Ltd
  • BSB: 112879
  • ACC No: 459180560