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This website is owned and operated by Ability Beyond Boundaries Ltd (ABN 87 607 507 004) under the domain name abilitybeyondboundaries.com.au.

Your use of this site, including (but not limited to) the information, pictures, graphics, text, on the Ability Beyond Boundaries Site (is governed by these Terms of Use and our Privacy Statement. By using the Ability Beyond Boundaries Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

  • Ability Beyond Boundaries is a free, independent site designed to provide information and awareness for
  • Ability Beyond Boundaries encourages its users to send in their experience relating to disability or other experiences of someone they know, (obtaining their prior consent beforehand) for us to publish and share with other peers.
  • The sent material will be published in accordance with the Ability Beyond Boundaries “Privacy Policy”. This means that any user, who posts content, text, videos, photos, etc., can use their real name if they prefer. If people do not wish to use their real name, the letters will be randomly chosen for the individual’s first and last name to protect their identity. For example, if someone named “Lida Nebula” has sent a photo and wishes not to reveal her identity, we may randomly select the letters “JK” for her. This right will be reserved for all users who submit to us.
  • Important: Note that when the users send us their material, must specify their preference in using the real name. Otherwise the name mentioned in the sent article or any material will be published in the same way as it is.

The users’ sent file will be owned by Ability Beyond Boundaries and the Support team won’t be able to send them back through to the sender.

  • If users want to modify or delete their sent file, this is possible before the material is published (usually two weeks after sending the file). After the post is published, however, modifying or removing the content takes some time or may be impossible in some instances.
  • The selected files will be translated into Farsi and sometimes into English in order to be published on the site, both Persian and English pages.
  • Ability Beyond Boundaries recognises and respects the dignity of its users, similarly expects support and communications based on respect from them.
  • Ability Beyond Boundaries site collects information of the highest quality; therefore, the content for the entire user sent materials will be reviewed carefully.
  • The decision for choosing the right material to be published on the site will be in accordance with the terms of the site and with the discretion of the site administrators.
  • Ability Beyond Boundaries recognises and appreciates in advance those users who send us their experiences.
  • Those users whose sent material are not accepted for publication, will be encouraged to edit the content in accordance with site terms and send back the amended content to us.
  • In the occasion that the content is in violation of the rights and dignity of people with disability the material will be refrained from publish. However, if possible, our team will provide feedback for the user to review and resubmit the amended file.
  • The material on this website is provided for information only. Our endeavour has been to compile the best quality evidence and most accurate, complete and up-to date information; however, Ability Beyond Boundaries does not warrant that any information on this website is accurate, complete, current or suitable for any purpose and bear no liability with respect to that information.
  • This website is not a substitute for independent professional advice and Ability Beyond Boundaries strongly recommends that users obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances.
  • Ability Beyond Boundaries under no circumstances bear any liabilities with respect to outcome of the users’ decisions on critical topics such as medical, legal, financial, and any consequences of the decisions made based on the site’s contents.